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Transforming your practice, your way

The Pathways Programme

Temple Pathways is a twelve month programme of structured support helping reflexologists translate their knowledge into everyday practice with confidence.  In addition there is a focus on individual mental and physical health and wellbeing, whilst promoting accountability, self-reflection and safe practice.

Alex Clark, created Temple Pathways with the aims of bringing together a community of amazing, like minded practitioners who can support and celebrate each other. To create and hold a safe space for them to integrate and develop their skills and understanding. To inspire confident, conscious reflexologists to transform their practice, in their way. Temple Pathways is open to all qualified practitioners, enrolments are accepted for January, April, July and November start dates.

Business Mentoring

Each month we will come together via the wonders of Zoom and discuss different aspects of running a business including:

  • Copywriting

  • Manifesting and creating goals

  • Marketing without social media

  • Networking and building your business community

  • Sales

Reflective Practice

The monthly reflective practice Zooms focus on positive reflection, our mentors will encourage you to build on your strengths and successes. Themes include:

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Staying true to yourself

  • Accountability

  • Boundaries

  • Values and ethics

Temple Enrichment Zooms

An invitation to join Temple Academy Monthly Enrichment Zooms, spend an evening with friends of Temple Academy as they discuss their specialist subjects and share their experience and wisdom. This is always an inspiring and motivating event for participants. Topics include:

  • Five Elements and Meridians

  • Foot Reading for Assessment

  • Working with Intention

  • Mind Body Connection

  • Working with Colour

Development of Practical Skills

Designed to gradually expand your knowledge and understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathology and instil you with the confidence to think outside of the box. A monthly class exploring a specific body system and associated pathologies or symptoms including a practical demonstration and downloadable materials. This is pre-recorded.​


Survive and Thrive Energy Series

A magic assortment of tools and techniques to help you relax, replenish and revive. Reminding you of the importance of respecting your own energy and walking your talk. This series of monthly pre-recorded videos will include downloadable materials.

Community Days

Temple Pathways Community Days are held three times during the year and provide an opportunity to come together and celebrate our connections with each other. The days are packed full of self- care, healing and fun with a little learning and mentoring thrown into the mix!

  • Laughter Yoga 

  • Business Mentoring Q&A with our Practitioner Panel of experienced reflexology practitioners.

  • Pathology Masterclass delving deep into the anatomy and physiology and energy pathways of a specific condition. 

  • Opportunity to both give and receive a treatment with the Temple Team on hand to offer guidance.

  • Sound Journey with Suzanne Arnold of Sekinah Sounds who will surround you with beautiful vibrations to bring about a deep sense of wellbeing and calm.











Temple Pathways Payment Options 

By enrolling on Temple Pathways Programme you are committing to the full 12 months and understand and agree to pay the full cost of the programme. Enrolment enables you to join the Pathways Private Facebook Community Group.

Alex Clark discusses Temple Pathways with David Wayte. 

Option 1


Booking Fee: £50    Monthly Payment: £20    Community Day each: £79

Option 2

Booking Fee: £50    Quarterly Payment: £60    Community Day each: £59

Option 3

Booking Fee: £50   

Annual Payment: £240    Community Day each: £49

Option 4

Full Payment: £407



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