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Transforming your practice, your way

The Pathways Programme

Manifesting your dream practice

Temple Pathways is a thirteen month programme of structured support helping reflexologists translate their knowledge into everyday practice with confidence.  In addition there is a focus on individual mental and physical health and wellbeing, whilst promoting accountability, self-reflection and safe practice.

Award winning Tutor, Alex Clark, created Temple Pathways with the aims of bringing together a community of amazing, like minded practitioners who can support and celebrate each other. To create and hold a safe space for them to integrate and develop their skills and understanding. To inspire confident, conscious reflexologists to transform their practice, in their way.

Enrolment & CPD

Temple Pathways is open to qualified reflexology practitioners. Participants will need access to the Internet and a device to participate in Zoom calls.

Temple Pathways Programme is an AoR Approved CPD course, so 
members of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) can claim double CPD 
points for this course.

​We are currently enrolling for January 2025.

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Business Mentoring

Once a month, we gather virtually to discuss integrating different aspects of running a reflexology business. During our sessions, we suggest various activities you can incorporate into your business practice to support you in achieving your goals.


Business success comes from continuous reflection, action, and development, and we provide a supportive environment where you can explore new ideas and strategies.


Each session will focus on a particular theme, such as marketing, finance, or sales, to help you understand the different aspects of running a successful business.


We encourage active participation from all members and aim to create a community of like-minded individuals who can learn from each other and grow together.

Reflective Practice

The monthly reflective practice Zoom meetings are designed to help you focus on positive reflection. During these meetings, your mentor will encourage you to build on your strengths and successes. 

These meetings provide a safe and supportive space to discuss your thoughts and emotions openly without fear of judgment. They also offer the opportunity to discuss events, lessons learned, and how to integrate that learning to move forward and grow.


We believe in cultivating a positive attitude towards success and encourage all participants to celebrate every achievement, no matter how small.

Themes Covered

These are just some of the themes we cover in the Temple Pathways Programme:





Core values and ethics

​Imposter syndrome and self-sabotage

Manifesting and goal setting 

Marketing with social media

Marketing without social media



Staying on track in quiet times

Websites and SEO

Louise Kidd Temple Pathways Reflexology Graduate.jpg


"I joined Pathways as a newly qualified reflexologist because I wanted to give myself the best chance of success with starting a business in a challenging economic climate.


The idea of having a supportive community was appealing, as was following a structured programme to provide that important accountability element.


Being on Pathways has kept me motivated and encouraged me to find my own path. I have developed my practice how I want to, not how I think I ‘should’.


I have learnt to focus on my strengths and market my business for my clients."

Clare Cobb Temple Pathways Graduate.png


"The Temple Pathways Programme has been very inspiring for me as a newly qualified reflexologist. The programme has been delivered online and in person and has created a group of new colleagues and friends.


With vast knowledge and skilful and expert delivery, Alex and her team have guided me to good business practices, directed my personal development, and taught me new reflexology techniques.


Driven by their expertise and passionate enthusiasm, I am now a better reflexologist and I have gained more confidence to run my business my way."

Cathy Masser Temple Pathways Graduate.png


"My first year as a qualified reflexologist was full of the common ups and downs of establishing a new business but it was enjoyable, rewarding and ey-opening; I can say this is due to Alex’s Temple Pathways.


She provided business and personal development which were well-planned, thoughtful and personal both to my, and our groups, needs. Reflexology CPD was also available via the fantastic Temple Community days.

The course is now complete but the Pathways reflexology community is very active, and will continue to grow. I’m thrilled Alex was there at the beginning of my career,  and I thoroughly recommend."

Community Days

Temple Pathways Community Days are held three times during the year and provide an opportunity to come together and celebrate our connections with each other. The days are packed full of self- care, healing and fun with a little learning and mentoring thrown into the mix!

A Community Day usually looks includes the following:​

Laughter Yoga 

Business Mentoring Q&A with our Practitioner Panel of experienced reflexology practitioners

Pathology Masterclass exploring the detailed anatomy, physiology and energy pathways of a specific condition. 

Reflexology Treatment, the opportunity to both give and receive a reflexology treatment with the Temple Team on hand to offer guidance if requested.

Sound journey, breathwork, or Qigong to surround you with beautiful vibrations to bring about a deep sense of wellbeing and calm.

NB. Community Days are open to all qualified and insured Reflexologists and can be booked independently of the Pathways Programme. £85.00.

Fees & Payment Options

Option 1                                                                                 Monthly       

Booking Fee                     £50

Payment                            £35 x 13 

Sub total                            £505

3 x Community Days      £180

£60 each


Total                                  £685

Option 2                                                                                Full payment up front inc. Community Days

Booking Fee                     £50

Payment                            £420 

Sub total                            £470

3 x Community Days      £120

£40 each


Total                                  £590

Private Mentoring


If you're looking for guidance and support to enhance your reflexology business, consider booking a private mentoring session tailored to your needs. Whether you want to refine your marketing strategies, improve client retention, or streamline your operations, our mentoring sessions are designed to provide targeted help.

Our experienced mentors bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, helping you navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities effectively.


​Sessions can be in-person or via Zoom, offering flexibility to accommodate your schedule and preferences. Private mentoring is charged at £60 per hour.

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